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like parmesan cheese

It can also supplement vitamin B12 , which tends to be deficient in vegans and vegetarians.

It is a pouch type of " FLAKE ".

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It is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium, which are important for the growth of women and children, as well as vitamins such as B vitamins and folic acid.

Just sprinkle it on salads and pasta like Parmesan cheese.

It is an item that deliciously supports daily healthy life.

Please enjoy it at your daily dining table.

Contents: 100g

Ingredients: cashew nuts (from Vietnam or India), sake lees, nutritional yeast, salt

* This product uses the same equipment as products containing flour, milk, and eggs.

  • [Traditional hand-squeezed sake lees passed down from the Edo period]
Sake lees cheese_Inaba Sake Brewery

The sake lees used for the flavor of the Parmesan cheese is the sake lees from our hometown, Ibaraki prefecture's sake brewery "Inaba Sake Brewery", which is made by traditional "hand-squeezing" handed down from the Edo period.

Sake lees, which is a by-product of making sake, contains peptides, amino acids, aspergillus oryzae, and various other ingredients created by the action of yeast. increase.


vegan cheese review


[Raw materials and nutritional value]

Ingredients: cashew nuts (from Vietnam or India), sake lees, nutritional yeast, salt

Nutritional information (per 100g ): Energy 551kcal , protein 24.0g , fat 37.5g , carbohydrates 29.4g , salt equivalent 3.3g

Vitamin B12, folic acid

Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Iron

[Recommended usage]

vegan cheese arrangement

-Sprinkle over salads and pasta


⎿Instead of the usual parmesan cheese

⎿Peperoncino-style with olive oil, salt and pepper

⎿Tossed with aonori seaweed, olive oil, and pepper for instant pasta sauce

・Put in Western-style soup (consommé, tomato, onion, etc.)

・ Sprinkle on gratin

・Mixed in fried batter (cutlet, croquette, fries, etc.)

・ Sprinkle on oatmeal or rice porridge

[Comment from Ms. Yuka Yamazaki, the host of the Vegetarian Nutrition Seminar]

Normal Parmesan cheese, which is made from milk, contains the milk protein casein, but the protein contained in FLAKE is plant-derived, so it is less likely to burden the intestines and is rich in dietary fiber. Helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

Plant-based cheese substitutes often use refined raw materials and additives, and many of them are not healthy products that you want to eat every day. Because of its deliciousness, you will want to take it every day.


Sprinkle it on salads, pastas , stir-fried dishes, add a little to risotto, gratin, potato salad, soup, mix it with deep-fried food, and use it in your usual dishes as an extra It might be a good idea to add a little more flavor and nutrition.


Yuka Yamazaki


I majored in nutrition at a university in Canada and shifted to a vegan lifestyle in 2016 while studying. Since 2018 , he has been sending out ideas for vegetarian meals that are full of life through YouTube and Instagram so that people in Japan can easily adopt a healthy vegetarian diet. Since 2020 , he has been communicating about vegetarian nutrition through notes and seminars, writing serial articles for Cosmopolitan, supervising vegetarian-related products and projects, and providing recipe development.


  • カシューナッツ(ベトナム産又はインド産)、酒粕、ニュートリショナルイースト、塩※本品は、小麦粉・乳・卵を含む製品と共通の設備を使用しております。
  • カシューナッツ





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