Enhancing people's well-being


We at TOKYOBAL create items that will be loved for a long time by a wide range of people, from children to adults.

We are a company that delivers new ideas, new flavors.

Plant-based, gluten-free and upcycled.

For the future of the earth, we

And for the children who live on this earth

We will support the world's food of the future with our unique technology.

Our Technology

Japan's attractive materials

Excavating residue from food processing processes

With our technology to develop natural, delicious and healthy foods.

We will work to address the world's food problems.


When you hear the words “vegan” and “vegetarian”, it seems a bit strict that you should not eat any animal-derived products.

Don't you have such an imagination?

In recent years, food lifestyles have diversified, such as the flexitarian, people who enjoy a flexible vegan lifestyle.

Doing it freely, easily, and stress-free.

We started the “EASY VEGAN” with the idea that everyone can create a dining table that benefits the global environment, animals, and society, even if only one day a week.

We will deliver products that help all whether vegan or not, to enjoy an animal-free meal for a day.


Management of restaurant business

"Tokyo Bal" Ibaraki, Tsukuba, Kenkyugakuen

"Tokyo Bal Garden Terrace" inside the University of Tsukuba campus 

Sales of EASY VEGAN products

Development and sales of plant-based products such as plant-based meat and cheese alternatives.

Institute of research and factory of production