[8 bags set] SALAD TO GO crackers carrots

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New common sense “portable vegetables” crackers

``I wish I could get nutrition from sweets...'' This cracker is a must-try for those who want to supplement their vegetables with a snack. It is useful both as a nutritional supplement and as a sweet. No chemical seasonings or preservatives, gluten-free, and brings out the natural sweetness of carrots.

“Using parts with concentrated nutritional value”

Vegetable fiber created during the process of producing organic juice. This fiber, which would otherwise be thrown away, has been made into crackers with concentrated nutritional value.

“One bag of dietary fiber is equivalent to about 2 carrots”

Because these crackers are rich in carrots, they are rich in dietary fiber, which helps regulate the intestines, and vitamin A, which improves immunity. In particular, one bag of dietary fiber can provide about the same amount of dietary fiber as about two carrots. Recommended for those who are concerned about not having enough vegetables or for children who want to feed them as much vegetables as possible.

“A satisfying meal”

This product has a firm texture, and you can feel satisfied even with a small amount. The size is such that adults can eat it in one bite, so you can enjoy the delicious texture.

“Hands are not sticky and spill-resistant

Since there are no seasonings on the surface of the crackers, your hands won't get sticky and the powder won't easily fall off, so you can enjoy them regardless of location or occasion.

“Perfect for those who want to eat/feed a little...”

Since it is packaged with a zipper, you can eat it little by little while carrying it around. Great for when you're at work, on the go, or when you're hungry. Also, since it contains a lot of vegetables, it can be used as a snack for people on a diet and for children who have difficulty eating sweets. It has a firm texture, so it's great for working overtime or as a snack with alcohol.

raw materials

Organic carrots (produced in Ibaraki Prefecture), rice grits, sake lees, rice oil, salt

● Contents: 40g

●Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

●Expiration date: 6 months from manufacture

  • 有機にんじん(茨城県産)、米グリッツ、酒粕、米油、塩
  • なし

エネルギー: 428 kcal
タンパク質: 6.2 g
脂質: 15.8 g
炭水化物: 71.4 g
 糖質 59.2g
 食物繊維 12.2g
食塩相当量: 1.2 g










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