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100% plant-based vegan meat miso made from pea protein.

Miso, soy sauce, etc. marinated in traditional wooden barrels from Ibaraki Prefecture

Seasoned with natural seasonings and ingredients

Children can enjoy it with confidence.

<p>No seasoning required. Sprinkle it on rice or add it to stir-fried vegetables. </p> <p>You can also use it in a variety of dishes with a little arrangement. </p>

  • [Fusion of Japanese tradition and new materials]

  • Uses a meat substitute made from pea protein.

~Low fat, low calories, high protein~

Although pea meat has the same texture and taste as meat, it has fewer calories, cholesterol, and fat than meat.

Pea protein contains a good balance of nine essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized in the body.

It is especially effective for training as it contains a lot of BCAA (branched amino acids) and arginine, which are effective in improving exercise performance. Additionally, it has a nice feature on a diet: the rise in blood sugar levels after meals is moderate.

~Consideration for the environment~

The amount of CO₂ emitted when producing 1 kg of peas is approximately 1/60th that of beef. (*1)

In addition, the amount of water required to produce 1 kg of peas is about one-fourth that of soybeans, making peas an environmentally friendly ingredient compared to soybeans. (*2)

  • ~A long-established store that has been in business for over 300 years in Tsuchiura, which is said to be one of the three major soy sauce brewing regions in the Kanto region [Shibanuma Soy Sauce Brewing]~

Soy sauce, vegan meat miso, vegetable meat miso, field meat miso

Founded in the first year of Genroku, we have been dedicated to making soy sauce for over 330 years.
During the Edo period, Tsuchiura was known as one of the three major soy sauce producing areas in the Kanto region, along with Noda and Choshi. Today, it is the only soy sauce brewery in Tsuchiura, and only 1% of the soy sauce in Japan is made in traditional wooden vats.

  • ~Miso marinated in vintage wooden barrels [Yamaichi Miso]~

Meat miso, miso, vegan

A local miso shop in Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture that brews about 10 types of miso in-house. We continue to provide the original taste of miso prepared in vintage wooden barrels.

  • [Product information]


▼Ingredients Pea meat (pea protein, pea starch, reduced starch syrup, vegetable oil) (manufactured in Japan), mirin, sake, sesame oil, rice bran oil, garlic, ginger, cane sugar, soy sauce, miso, shiitake extract powder, red Chili powder, pepper, salt, (contains wheat, soybeans, and sesame)

▼Expiration date: 1 year from manufacture

  • [Regarding commercial use]

info@easyvegan.jp Please contact Tsutsui in charge.

[Recipe supervised by Yuka Yamazaki, host of the Vegetarian Nutrition Seminar]

By seasoning with fermented seasonings such as soy sauce, miso, mirin, and sake, and using flavorful ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil, you can create a rich and satisfying meat miso. It was completed.
Since we don't use any umami seasonings and are made with only ingredients you can find in your kitchen, people of all ages and genders can safely eat this on a daily basis.

I majored in nutrition at a university in Canada, and while studying, I shifted to living a vegan lifestyle in 2016. Since her university days, she has been sharing ideas for vegetarian meals on YouTube and Instagram so that people can easily adopt a healthy vegetarian diet in Japan.
Currently, I teach about vegetarian nutrition through seminars, write serials for Cosmopolitan, supervise products and projects related to vegetarian diets, and develop and provide recipes.

  • えんどうミート(えんどうタンパク、えんどうデンプン、還元水あめ、植物油脂)(国内製造)、みりん、清酒、ごま油、こめ油、にんにく、しょうが、きび砂糖、しょうゆ、みそ、シイタケエキスパウダー、赤唐辛子末、こしょう、食塩、(一部に小麦・大豆・ごまを含む)
  • 小麦・大豆・ごま






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