I like the skin


The most nutritious vegetable skin. Much of it may end up as waste during the food processing process. This project is working on upcycling by developing products that incorporate the nutrition of vegetables in their entirety.

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our story

My eldest daughter, who is now 3 years old, was born with Down syndrome, and the problem was that her food became thin when it came to weaning her.

You can get a lot of nutrition from even a small amount of food...

From this idea,

I used as much of the most nutritious parts of vegetables as possible, such as the skins and leaves, to feed my daughter.

The parts of vegetables that are most nutritious, such as leaves and skins, are often thrown away.

Let's create products that are easy to eat, delicious, and delivered in new ways while retaining the best parts of these vegetables!

It is a brand that also contributes to upcycling, which was started with

Everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

Even the skin can be eaten for complete nutrition.

I like the leather. KAWAÌINE

The first item is “potato skin”

Near the skin, there is a component unique to sweet potatoes called ``yalapin.''

This "yarapin" ingredient promotes intestinal function and regulates digestion. It is also rich in dietary fiber and is a snack that is good for your health and beauty.

Ibaraki Prefecture, where our company is located, is famous for producing dried sweet potatoes, and it is estimated that more than 2,000 tons of dried potatoes are discarded each year.

This product uses dried potatoes with their skin on.

Peel Good = I like the skin

This is a product.

The second series is a series made from organic vegetable juice that will be released in February.






原材料の一番最初にお野菜の記載がされている通り、有機野菜をたっぷり使用したSALAD TO GOシリーズ。





We grow kale, carrots, etc. in our own organic fields, and then squeeze them using a patented method at an adjacent factory. We deliver delicious juices without using any food additives such as chemical seasonings or preservatives.


We select sweet potatoes from all over the country, mainly from Ibaraki and Asakusa, and offer roasted sweet potatoes, dried sweet potatoes, and sweet potato sweets.

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